About my Music

I have a huge passion for music. I play the Clarinet, the Saxophone, and the Piano. I’ve been learning the Piano for 9 years, the Clarinet for 5 years, and the Saxophone for 6 months.
I enjoy playing nearly any sort of music, although on the piano pop songs and ragtime are a particular favourite of mine. My friends know me very well for playing The Entertainer and Let it Be very often, although I also play classical pieces occasionally. On the Sax I mostly play jazz and blues pieces, and on the Clarinet it is pretty much anything from classical to movie music to concert band pieces, as well as some jazz.
I’m also an avid composer (if you’ll excuse the pun). I absolutely love composing. Most of my compositions are for a full orchestra, and they tend to be very grand in scale, but I’m also working on doing some smaller scale pieces for smaller ensembles. One of my proudest works is my first symphony. My second movement, entitled “Sinistramente: The Nightmare”, is a particular favourite of mine, and you can see a YouTube video of it below.

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